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How to Find Chinese Equipment Distributor to Sell products in China?

The Chinese market is huge, being the second-largest economy in the world after the USA, and China’s economy has been growing rapidly. More and more foreign companies are looking to expand into the Chinese market and, in most cases, they need a local Chinese agent to help them open up the Chinese market smoothly due to a lack of some understanding of the market.

China’s industry is showing great dynamism and there is a quest for higher quality industrial instrumentation, especially for industrial testing equipment. As China’s industrial sector is in a rapid development phase, the demand for industrial testing instruments and equipment is increasing and many companies are looking for well-known foreign brands of industrial testing instruments, such as Q-LAB (a globally renowned manufacturer of accelerated weathering testing & corrosion chambers). This is a good thing for foreign companies and unlimited business opportunities in China.

Chinese industry marketing

The lack of knowledge of Chinese culture may lead to foreign companies not being able to start their business in China successfully. Therefore it is very wise for most foreign companies to look for a local Chinese agent. H.J.UNKEL is one such Chinese industrial equipment agent that can help companies enter the Chinese market in a profitable manner. H.J.UNKEL has offices throughout the country, such as Hong Kong, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan, and many more. We have an extensive network to cover the Chinese market. At the same time, H.J.UNKEL has been introducing advanced industrial testing equipment and chemical raw materials from abroad to China since 1925 and has a history of almost 100 years in the field of industrial testing equipment and chemical raw materials. You can feel free to contact us to find out more about how you can start your business in China and we will provide you with unique promotional solutions for your products. Click to find out about the brands we represented!

Introduction to marketing channels in China

China is a challenging market for new entrants, for some reason you cannot search directly using Google in China, more people use the Baidu search engine; for social media, WeChat is by far the most popular social media tool. WeChat has features including instant private messaging, free voice and video calls, shared content, payments, and more. In addition to your own private WeChat account, you can also set up a corporate account to gain more followers for your company, instantly respond to customer questions and share corporate products, information, and more with your customers. H.J.UNKEL has a professional business WeChat account that regularly promotes the brand’s products, helping to increase the brand’s reach and, in doing so, increase product sales.


Similar to Amazon and eBay, China has platforms such as Alibaba and Taobao, where business shops can be set up. Unfortunately, Baidu and Alibaba are incompatible, which means that Taobao products are usually not found on Baidu, but as Alibaba and Taobao have a very large customer base, good internal search engine optimization for Alibaba and Taobao can bring in good prime as well.  H.J.UNKEL has a professional operations team that can help foreign suppliers to promote themselves on Alibaba and Taobao.

Learn more about H.J.UNKEL —- China Industrial Instruments and Equipment Distributor


Finding the right China industrial equipment distributor to suit your company size, products, and target customers is not easy and will affect the success of your business in the China market.

Fortunately, since its establishment in 1925, H.J.UNKEL has been an introduction to the world of advanced industrial testing equipment and chemical raw materials and is committed to bringing great brands to China. We know the Chinese market well, with offices throughout China and a highly skilled China operations promotion team, our expertise allows us to get your business in China up and running as quickly as possible.

Contact us now to start your business in China! We are a professional distributor of industrial equipment in China! Welcome to sell your products in China!

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