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Everything You Need To Know Baidu

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Introduction of Baidu

In the Chinese search engine market, Baidu occupies the absolute leading position, followed by Sogou, with Shenma, Haosou, and Google having a much lower market share than Baidu and Sogou.

In June 2020, Baidu’s market share was 66.15%, while Sogou and Haosou, which ranked second and third, had a market share of 22.06% and 3.40% respectively, all of which were very different from Baidu’s strength.


Baidu’s development history

Founded in January 2000 in Zhongguancun, Beijing, Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine.

On January 1st, 2000, the company’s founders, Robin Li and Xu Yong, returned to China from the US Silicon Valley with US$1.2 million in venture capital and created Baidu Inc. At the very beginning, Baidu set itself the goal of building China’s own Chinese search engine and was willing to work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

In May 2000, Baidu first provided search technology services to a web portal, Silicon Valley Dynamics, and has since quickly taken over the Chinese search engine market, becoming the most dominant search technology provider.

In August 2001, the Beta version of the Baidu.com search engine was released, moving from backend services to the independent providers of search services, and pioneered the bidding ranking business model in China.

On 22nd October 2001, released Baidu search engine was released officially.

On 5th August 2005, Baidu was listed on NASDAQ in the United States, becoming the most notable listed company in the global capital market in 2005, thus entering a new stage of development.

Introduction of Baidu Search Engine Optimisation

Baidu Search Engine Optimisation is similar to Google SEO. In China, as Baidu has a search engine market share of over 50%, it is very important to do well in Baidu SEO to improve your company’s website ranking and gain search traffic.

How to do Baidu Search Engine Optimisation

Original articles

Baidu search engine optimization requires content to be populated. However, search engines like to have personalized content, by patchwork or summary to the article, generally not much interest, that is, not conducive to the effectiveness of optimization. Therefore, it is best to write content with high relevance to the website based on the subject matter of the website and the interests of the users, to attract search engine crawling and user attention.

Quality backlinks building

If only the internal structure and original content, it is difficult to make search engine optimization bells and whistles. Therefore, you need to exchange links with websites of high weight in similar industries, so that the higher the quality of external links, the more frequent the search engine crawls, the faster it can find the website content, thus improving the website ranking.

Pay attention to the site’s open speed

Users in the experience of the site, the most impatient page is a dead link or page can not load quickly, which is easy to lose a large number of potential users. So, good Baidu search engine optimization needs to always test the website link situation, the server situation.

Pay attention to the compatibility of mobile and computer terminal

Now is a time when mobile is rampant, so want to do a good job of Baidu search engine optimization, you must do a good job of sharing resources between the PC side and the computer side so that you can capture users in more mobile time.

Optimization of website structure

Do a good job of Baidu search engine optimization, must not ignore the rationality of the site structure, that is, the keyword layout is reasonable, reasonable site links, and so on.

Introduction of Baidu Online Marketing Services

In China, many companies will use Baidu search advertising to increase the click-through rate of users and exposure to their products. This is mainly because of the significant advantages of Baidu promotion, first of all, it covers a wide range of users and can capture accurate users, then you can set up personalized promotion, and the ranking obtained is also relatively stable.

baidu online marketing services

What are the features of Baidu Online Marketing Services?

Baidu search is a paid promotion model that allows you to bid on keywords for your website and get the ranking you want according to your wishes, which has the feature of quick results and has a positive effect on the sales and visibility of your website.

However, this reliance on bids to obtain the ranking, the lack of stability, will be due to the lack of funds, so that the front of the ranking “to the bottom”, so this promotion method requires regular input of funds, more suitable for the budget of corporate businesses.

What are the advantages of Baidu search promotion?

covering a wide range of users

According to statistics, the Baidu platform has so far covered more than 800 million user groups, coverage is very wide, and the PC and mobile phone advertising is more humane.

Capable of capturing accurate users

Baidu search can be promoted by setting keywords, so that users can search through the keywords to display information about the site, to facilitate the realization of corporate exposure. At the same time, you can also analyze the user’s consumption habits and interests from the user’s click, which is conducive to digging out more users’ needs pain points.

Support targeted promotion

Baidu online marketing services can be set in the case of data analysis, time, geography, keywords, and the maximum daily consumption of personalized promotion, so that enterprises are more flexible to master the promotion of matters related to a better promotional experience.

Our advantages

As an outstanding industrial instrument distributor, H.J.UNKEL has a professional China marketing group with a good understanding of Baidu search engine optimization and Baidu search promotion techniques.

websites of H.J.UNKEL

H.J.UNKEL builds professional corporate websites in China for each of the supplier brands it works with. We also take advantage of our expertise to improve the ranking of these corporate websites in Baidu, which results in more search traffic, more inquiries, and increased brand awareness in China.

In addition to this, H.J.UNKEL has over 20 self-built websites which play a very important role. When a user searches for a product, not only does the supplier’s Chinese website appear in the search results, but these self-built websites also appear. This serves to dominate the search results, and we hope that the top 10 search results will show as many of the supplier’s product pages as possible so that we can get as many inquiries as possible.

As an example. Searching for “mzr micro pumps” on Baidu, the search results showed our corporate website for HNPM and the flagship website for Weng Kaier, in addition to some of the high powered platforms in China such as Sohu, Baidu Post, Baidu Love Sourcing, etc., to achieve 8 of the top 10 positions for suppliers.

For example, a search on Baidu for “mzr micro pumps” resulted in the HNPM China website (which we built for the supplier) and the flagship website of H.J.UNKEL, in addition to some of the more powerful platforms in China, such as Sohu, Baidu Tieba, Baidu B2B, etc. You can see that in the search results, 9 positions being for our supplier.

baidu search results of baidu search results baidu search results

We are now looking forward to more quality suppliers, if you want to develop the Chinese market and make good sales in China, welcome to contact us. We will provide you with professional marketing solutions. Now, Check the brands that we represented.

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