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What is the WeChat Public Platform? How to succeed with WeChat Public Platform?

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Unlike other countries, in China, WeChat has a high market share and it is very common in China to use WeChat for product promotion, so what is WeChat Public Platform? How can you use the WeChat Public Platform to capture a larger market share?

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Using the WeChat public platform for self-media activities simply means conducting one-to-many media-based behavioral activities, such as merchants applying for WeChat public platform account service numbers to showcase their micro-official websites, micro-members, micro-push, micro-payment, micro-events, micro-registration, micro-sharing, and micro-business cards through secondary development, which has formed a mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing approach.

The WeChat public platform is a cooperative promotion business launched mainly for celebrities, government, media, enterprises, and other organizations. Here the brand can be promoted to the online platform role through the channel. WeChat Public Platform was officially launched on 23rd August 2012 to create a better user experience and form a different ecological cycle.

Features and benefits of WeChat Public Platform

● Strong mobility, more advantageous in operation: using the mobile phone’s mobility, a machine in hand easy to operate, unlimited time, location, convenient and fast. Mobile phones are a must-have personal item for everyone, and WeChat can dock with websites, synchronize with computers, and communicate with customers anytime and anywhere. WeChat can be used to communicate with customers at any time, anywhere, and at any time. With the spreadability and unique features of WeChat, you can work in the shortest possible time and in different locations, and you can also spread your ideas, concepts, and thoughts to each other at any time, so that you can seize the opportunity and expand the channels, turning passivity into the initiative.


● Unlimited user groups, high attention rate, that is, to send: as long as the article is edited in WeChat, it can be released at hand, while the full use of WeChat QR code, attention to understand the latest business opportunities, but also to release their own products, business opportunities and news information, while the benefits of WeChat public number can also be statistical analysis, mutual transfer interaction, to understand the demand.

● Wide coverage, fast dissemination, can accumulate word of mouth: everyone has their own needs, also has their own circle of friends, can release their own information in the circle of friends, expand their influence, accumulate word of mouth, let friends of friends, customers of customers to promote, so as to reach a good everyone knows the word of mouth; once a friend has demand, that is, will take the initiative to find the door.

● Flexible marketing methods, process diversification: compared to traditional marketing methods, WeChat marketing is more diversified, WeChat not only supports text, more support for pictures, support voice, but there are also videos, and mixed editing methods, especially voice and video closer to face-to-face communication, pulling the distance, can be the instant reply so that marketing becomes more real, more interesting, more persuasive.

● Online services are convenient and advertising costs are low: whether for individuals or businesses, WeChat Public is an online platform that not only helps customers solve problems online, but also updates personal or corporate updates, product information, development plans, and policy strategies anytime and anywhere, as well as instantly solving pre-sales and after-sales and customer worries, and solving the problem of slow and inconvenient payments such as cash and cheques. Its interactivity and activity allow more people to know you, increasing the visibility of the individual or enterprise and attracting more partners, while also greatly reducing the cost of advertising and other expenses spent on enterprise publicity, indirectly bringing benefits to the enterprise.

● The long-lasting effect, low labor costs: public number is now almost free promotion platform, no other costs, as long as the development of their own style, with some thought according to the direction of the company’s development, its fans and sources of customers will continue to increase, while the corporate culture and the products involved will be infinite spread, amplification, lasting, so that it has a long time, strong sustainability. And the public number only needs one person to control, daily quantitative push to the platform about the enterprise and enterprise products articles, so that customers directly or indirectly to the enterprise, brand, product more and more good feeling, enhance trust, and gradually recognized, buy, help to promote. So the cost of operating a public number is extremely low, and the effect produced lasts a long time and has a high viscosity. The effect will be greater only if you operate with care.

● More interactive, sales and profits increase: public number using online services, using text, pictures, voice, video for communication, unlimited forms, both friendly and direct, can be a question and answer, that is, with the least amount of time to help the needs of people to solve problems, but also to close the distance between the user, the idea of resonance, to achieve customer-oriented, do my best attitude. Save money is to make money, less advertising investment, marketing investment, equivalent to saving costs and making money. At the same time the target group fans, but also can play a pass, ten to one hundred effects, our products through the fan group and then further spread, so that more fans of customers to join our team for our publicity and promotion, to attract more new customers attention, which naturally forms an interactive chain, then this interactive chain of new and old customers will be our sales increase, will also allow us to maximize profits.

H.J.UNKEL advantages

H.J.UNKEL Limited has several WeChat public Platform account, which regularly publishes the content of interest to our customers and has more than 10,000 followers. We differentiate user groups according to the characteristics of different followers and regularly send different content for different groups to meet the different needs of our customers and to guide them to actively consult and purchase products represented by H.J.UNKEL.

For different customers, H.J.UNKEL has defined different directions for articles on Wechat, such as technical articles, seminar articles, instrument maintenance tips, etc. At the same time, we set up special pages for different manufacturing brands. The special pages bring together all technical articles, videos, principles, and operating instruction articles of the brands involved so that users can easily view and understand the products.

H.J.UNKEL wechat public platform

If you want to use WeChat to do business overseas in China smoothly, you can look for H.J.UNKEL, a professional industrial instrument distributor in China. More than 40 industrial instrument brands from around the world, such as Q-LAB, SITA, HNPM, TABER, etc., have established a deep relationship with H.J.UNKEL. H.J.UNKEL sells the represented brands’ products in China and has helped these suppliers to achieve a breakthrough in sales in China, learn more about the brands we represent. Please contact us, we look forward to working with you.

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