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Top Agent and Industry Distributor in China – H.J.UNKEL Distribution Company

Founded in 1925, H.J.UNKEL LIMITED is an agent & distributor for International Industry Equipment Brands in China.

We service over 40 international brands from 10 countries. We are an agent for importing technical industrial instruments and chemical raw materials to China.

Technical Industry Market in China

Chinese Technical Industry market will reach RMB 435.4 Billion in January – August 2020.

China is the second-largest economy in the world after the United States. China’s economy has been growing rapidly and presents a very large and rare international business environment. China’s import market accounts for approximately 25% of its GDP. With the rapid development of the Chinese national economy and the rapid growth of high-tech industries, China’s instrumentation industry has been growing relatively well in recent years and the scale of the industry has become one of the largest in the international arena.

Chinese distribution companies

We select quality industrial instrument brands for the Chinese market

We help quality industrial instrument brands to achieve success and increase brand awareness in China. We have offices throughout China, such as Foshan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Chongqing, Hubei, and Qingdao, etc.

We are active at relative exhibition,symposium,social media,we are good at indoor seminar,SEO,SEM,EDM,etc.

We have more than 40000 customers in our CRM system.

Product & Industries we are Interested :

* Paint Manufacture

* Printing Ink Manufacture

* Automotive

* Electronics and Electrical Appliances

* Plastic

* Aluminium profile

* Battery

* University and Institute

* Printing Ink Manufacture

* Paint Manufacture

* Sealants Manufacture

* Powder Coatings Production

* Plastics Processing

* Adhesives Manufacture

* Plastics Processing

* Glass and Ceramics

*Specialty Chemicals

*Laboratory Instruments

*Inline measurement equipment for coating line

*Coatings Additives

*Process Machinery

*Polymer Additives    

*Specialized Pumps

How to qualify us?  

Chinese Industrial distributors

Agents and distributors in China

Laboratory Distributors in china

Chinese distribution companies

We are Chinese sales agents

We are agents for importing technical instrument from China

Our Marketing Channels in China


Baidu SEO

Baidu SEM

Baidu B2B




Wechat Mini Programs




Short videos




Media Promotion

Industry-specific media partnerships

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Need an instrument and chemical raw material Distribution Company for China?

Kindly contact us if you want to increase your sales in China. Send us your Brand information with details to susanna@hjunkel.com.

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