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H.J.UNKEL Offers Local Services

Excellent After-Sales Service

We offer comprehensive technical support services. Our technical engineers are ready to provide technical support and training to help customers set up and familiarize themselves with new instruments. At the same time, we provide a series of after-sales services, such as maintenance, service, and extended warranty options to customers. Suppliers do not need to arrange for the technicians to China to set up, repair, or maintain the customers’ instruments, which can reduce the supplier’s time and costs.

Powerful Professional Marketing Team

We help our suppliers to grow and succeed in China. We have companies in China and South-East Asia, and our marketing network covers all of China. We have cultivated an efficient, professional marketing team, covering online and offline sales channels. We are experts in exploring the Chinese market for technical instruments and chemical raw materials.

Online Channels: based on the Baidu search engine, we actively carry out Baidu SEO, SEM, and B2B promotion platform, covering most the Chinese people.


Offline Channels: We actively participate in industry seminars and technical forums and communicates closely with Chinese customers. We are willing to talk with our customers and collect and solve their problems. On many occasions, such as exhibitions, seminars, industry meetings, customers/suppliers banquets, and so on,  we have left a deep impression of hospitality and rigorous focus.


Seminars: All kinds of aging technology seminars, all kinds of automotive weathering and aging technology seminars, coating weathering technology exchange meetings, customer internal technical training.

Broad Industry

We play an important role in the inks & coating, automotive, electronics, painting, industrial cleaning, and other industries. At present, we have a large customer base and have more than 40,000 customers in our CRM system.

For more information contact us at susanna@hjunkel.com