Coatmaster Atline

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Coatmaster Atline—Noncontact coating thickness measurement in laboratory and production

Coatmaster Atline has many advantages as following:

  • Avoid rework and rejects.
  • For complex shaped parts.
  • Mobile measuring station.

Coatmaster Atline

Coatmaster Atline—Coating thickness measurement for spot testing in laboratory and production.

  • Compact measurement setup
  • Reliable measurement even on complex surfaces
  • Integrated measurement database

Technical Data of Coatmaster Atline

Powder coatings before curing

1 – 2000 µm

Wet paints before drying 1 – 2000 µm
Cured powder / dried paints 1 – 2000 µm
Measuring time1 from 20 ms
Distance Tolerance1 5 – 120 cm
Tilt Tolerance1 ± 70°
Measurement on moving parts1 120 m/min
Relative standard deviation2 <1 %
Measures coatings of any color (incl. white) yes
Real-time data access via ERP and browser yes

1 Depending on coating and substrate material
2 60 µm powder coating before curing (all colors incl. white) on aluminum, 5 cm working distance

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